100_0563Hi, and welcome to my website!

Believe it or not this isn’t the first time I write something.  It started a few years ago when I got an idea after reading a popular YA vampire novel.  I will be the first one to admit that I read and reread “Twilight” more times than I should have.  I am an avid reader, and if I like a book I will read it several times to get the most out of it.  After reading “Twilight” I decided that the story that had been running through my head needed to be put on paper.  That first one didn’t come out too well.  But that summer I was introduced to the Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris, and to fanfiction.  I was so eager to read what other people had to say about the vampires I began to love, that I devoured story after story written by fans, until I decided to write my own.  My very first fanfiction, “Alive After Dark,” was a great success.  People loved it and it spurred me to write my own story.

Here’s a little about me: I am originally from Puerto Rico and moved to New Jersey when I was fourteen years old.  I grew up in the small subdivision called Iselin, inside the larger Woodbridge Township, and while in high school I used to work at the Woodbridge Police Station in their Records Department.  Nine years later I moved to Baltimore, where I met my darling husband who happens to be a cop.  I studied English at the University of Maryland, but ended up working in Human Resources.  That’s the day job I won’t be quitting unless I get an awesome publishing deal.  Other than that I’m just me, with two little kids and three older cats.  Plus the fish, can’t forget the fish.  And the lizards that have invaded my home in Florida.

For inspiration I listen to a lot of music and spend a lot of time stunt-driving to work.  My musical tastes are quite eclectic and I have tons of favorite songs and not above singing along even when I don’t know the lyrics.  My car is my sound stage most of the time.  It’s fun to sing along and having people think you’re yelling at them.  Try it; you’ll like it.

Finally, I love to hear from my readers, so please ask questions and offer comments.  I’m not a vampire and won’t bite.  Here’s how you can reach me:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AuthorMelanieMiro

Twitter: @MelanieMiro

Email: melaniemiroauthor@gmail.com

And, of course, by replying to any of the posts on this website.  Subscribe and you won’t miss a thing!


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