“I Am Magic” Now On Sale

MagicFinal2ebook (1)From the City of Laurel, Maryland, an extraordinary group of beings guard the Mid-Atlantic region against paranormal threats.

Tandy Robson, a witch working for the Defense, is suspicious of her new partner Brenton.  What is a fire demon doing working for the Defense?  After several personal upheavals, Tandy begins to rely on her partner, to trust him and enjoy his company, dismissing her suspicions and even breaking the rules seemingly without repercussions.  Blinded by her feelings for Brenton, Tandy cannot see that the biggest betrayal is just around the corner.  Can her magic help her start over?

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“I Am Lightning” On Sale!

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The Laurel Defense: History – Part 1

IconThe Laurel Defense: Great Good

The Laurel Defense, a branch of the American Defense, was established in 1955 in response to an accidental breach in a physics laboratory and subsequent aperture of several portals to Hell in and around the area of the City of Laurel, in Maryland.  The city spans three major counties and is located equidistantly between Baltimore and Washington, DC.

After the Supernatural War of the Second Millennium, during which the Laurel Defense lost many from its ranks, emphasis was placed on recruitment of the young and powerful.